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  1. Do I need to hire an electrician to do my electrical work?

Home owners can legally work on their own residence, but one of the leading electrical fatalities stem from homeowners who try to provide their own installation.  While doing electrical work on your own home may be  legally permitted, it is not wise.  The best solution for solving any electrical need is to hire a certified electrician.

Each state mandates a stringent set of criteria that an electrician must satisfy to become a certified electrician.  The National Electric Code (NEC) is the certifying standard used to determine the MINIMAL requirements for electrical work performed in the United States.  Certified electricians spend years perfecting the craft of installing, servicing, and troubleshooting electrical work in adherence to the NEC.  They are the clear experts in being able to handle the daunting task of competently working with electricity.  This is the sole reason why an expert should be hired to safely handle your needs.

One thing to remember when hiring an electrician is that NOT ALL CERTIFIED ELECTRICIANS ARE QUALIFIED TO SERVICE YOUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. While it is very important that all electricians have some degree of legal qualification, most electricians are not knowledgeably or legally able to actually service your electrical needs. While that may come as a shock, the only person that should be trusted with servicing your system is an insured master electrician, or an electrical contractor. All electrical contractors are required to be  insured.  The people who hold these licenses are the only true professionals who are adequately skilled and legally able to provide electrical service.  All other levels of certification are only allowed to work under the supervision of a master electrician or electrical contractor. All  journeymen and apprentices must work under one of these licensing arrangements.

Many journeyman and apprentices do side work for individuals claiming to have the authority to do the work requested, but this is not true. You are leaving yourself open to risk by allowing anyone that is not insured and certified at the highest level to work on your electrical system. In fact, anyone who claims they can do electrical work who is not a master electrician or electrical contractor is in violation of the State licensing code.  By hiring  a qualified and insured electrician you will save money in the long run by having your work done right.  It is the smartest choice to make.  Rest assured knowing that the work was done right, and if there are any problems, you are covered.