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How to Find the Best Electrical Contractors in Your Area

Finding good electrical contractors is critical whenever you need electrical work of any kind.

Whether you just need some repairs or you're planning a major renovation, it's imperative that you hire a skilled electrician in the Dallas / Fort Worth area who will do the job right, every time. Otherwise, you could be faced with serious problems in the future.

Dangers of hiring an inexperienced electrician: 

  • Improper installation could lead to faulty electrical work and worse: a serious fire hazard.
  • Amateurs are unlikely to know the latest codes or proper installation methods. You may not even realize that your electrical work was performed incorrectly until after problems begin to surface later.
  • You could end up paying way too much money if an inexperienced contractor quotes the project incorrectly. Worse yet, a questionable provider may try to take advantage of you and charge too much.
  • An inexperienced electrician could use the incorrect type of wiring, receptacles and other equipment in your home or business, causing risks of fire and a slew of ongoing electrical problems in the future.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

By carefully researching electrical contractors before taking the next step, you can ensure that you'll hire a skilled professional who is an expert in the trade. Follow the simple tips below to help you identify the best contractors for your needs.

Dallas Ft Worth Electrical Contractor

Tips for choosing electrical contractors 

1) Make sure they are licensed and/or certified.

Certification signifies that a contractor meets certain standards set by the National Electric Code. A license signifies that the person is legally able to perform the work (as is required in professional trades). Both are important qualifications to look for as you search for electricians.

If the contractor is not certified, you can't be certain that he has any real skills, training or experience. When comparing, always ask if the professional is licensed and certified.

2) Look for insured professionals.

When an electrician is insured, it means there is extra protection in case something goes wrong. Let's face it ... accidents can happen at any time. If there are any damages to your home or property while uninsured electrical contractors are at your home, then the costs will fall back on you and your insurance company.

When an electrician is insured, however, it means their insurance company is liable if there are any problems.

3) Confirm their experience.

How long has the contractor been doing electrical work? How long ago was his training? Has he performed similar jobs for other clients who had electrical needs similar to yours?

These are all important questions to ask when verifying the experience of a contractor. Keep in mind, the “oldest” electrician isn't always the best – but by asking questions, you'll have a good reference point for comparing the skills of various contractors in your area.

4) Ask for referrals.

Previous customers are always a good resource for determining the expertise and service provided by any type of contractor. Don't hesitate to ask your electrical contractors to provide the names and phone numbers of previous customers who are willing to vouch for the contractors' work. 

5) Don't assume the cheapest option is the best for your budget.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. All good contractors will hope to provide solutions that are within your budget – but there will always be questionable contractors who are willing to undercut everyone else just to win the job.

Think twice before choosing the cheapest options. By going the “cheap” route, you could be stuck with an unprofessional, inexperienced electrician who will cut corners to get the job done. It might be cheap right now, but it could cost you big when problems inevitably arise in the future.

Residential vs. Commercial Electrical Contractors

Keep in mind that some contractors specialize in residential work, while others may serve mostly commercial businesses. Some contractors may serve both types of customers, while others may serve one or the other exclusively.

This is not a huge concern, but it's a question you'll want to ask early in the conversation to ensure the person is the right fit for the job. In many cases, there can be advantages to working with a provider who serves both residential and commercial customers. 

For example, if you are a homeowner, you'll have the benefit of working with a professional who has a wider range of experience and has performed electrical work for much larger projects in office buildings or other large facilities. 

Dallas Ft Worth Electrical Contractor

Professional Electrical Contractors in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

No matter what your electrical needs, large or small, the Electrical Specialists at DFW Electrical Contractors are here to help  We are a team of highly skilled electricians, serving both residential and commercial customers in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Our services range from simple electrical repair to complete rewiring or new installation for construction projects. Whether you need to install new lighting in your home, or you're a property manager overseeing a commercial renovation, our certified, licensed contractors are happy to help.

At DFW Electrical Contractors, we do the job right, every time, and we stand by our work. Contact us today for your electrical needs!

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