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Commercial Electric Services

Tips for finding the best commercial electricians in the Dallas / Fort Worth area

Having safe, professionally installed electrical work is critical for any type of commercial building, which is why it's so important to get THE best commercial electric services possible.

Whether you're a business owner, contractor, property manager or anyone else responsible for overseeing the installation or repair of electrical work, you know how crucial it is to hire a first-rate electrician.

If you make the mistake of  choosing an inexperienced or unlicensed electrical team, you will inevitably run into very serious problems.

Dangers of hiring the wrong commercial electrician:

  • An electrician who takes shortcuts or doesn't know the correct way to perform electrical work will make serious errors.
  • Improperly installed electrical could easily cause a fire that will put the entire business at risk – including the people and assets inside.
  • If the electrician is unlicensed and uninsured, the business will be responsible for any damages that occur.
  • Even if a fire doesn't occur (yet), improperly installed wiring will make the building's electrical prone to failure, causing faulty lighting and potentially damaging electrical devices plugged into the system, such as computers.

These circumstances may seem obvious, especially if you're an experienced contractor yourself. But you may be surprised at how common these scenarios are, right here in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. 

Every year, local businesses become victims of bad commercial electric services that leave their buildings (and bottom lines) at risk. These are mistakes that can cause tens of thousands of dollars to repair. But the fact of the matter is: these mistakes can be prevented!

By taking the time to research several electricians before hiring someone for the job, you can ensure top-quality work that's safe, up to code, and ultimately saves you money too. Use the tips below to help you find the right team for your need.

Dallas Ft Worth Electrical Contractor

How to Choose the Best Commercial Electric Services

1. Always make sure they're licensed.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but many businesses and commercial facilities try to save money by hiring amateur contractors who claim to be professional electricians.

Other customers simply don't ask about the license because they assume the contractor has one. Don't assume! One of the first questions you should ask an electrical contractor is if they are licensed.

2. Compare different contractors.

Don't choose the first contractor you find, just because they're licensed. Not all electricians have the same skills and ability, so it's in your best interest to “shop around.”

3. Experience is everything.

When it comes to electrical work, hiring an experienced contractor is vital. While the “new guy” in town might offer lower prices, a more experienced electrician will have significantly more expertise. They've done more jobs, they've learned how to avoid common mistakes, and they've encountered many different types of scenarios that have helped to enhance their skills and knowledge. 

4. Consider your specific electrical needs.

Make sure the contractor has significant experience in the area you need them for. Whether you need basic electrical repairs or wiring for new construction and renovations, choose your contractor based on their specific skill set and how it relates to your needs.

5. Ask for estimates on cost & time to finish the work.

Don't hire a contractor without knowing exactly how much the work is going to cost, or how soon it's going to be completed. 

While certain jobs will require different types of billing (i.e. flat estimates vs. hourly rates), you should always make sure you have a good understanding of the potential costs before moving forward. Ideally, the cost and estimated time to completion should be included on the contract.

Commercial Electric Service – Where to Start

Not sure where to find the best electricians for commercial jobs?

Before you use the phonebook (which is almost like picking out of a hat), talk to others in your industry to find out which contractors they've used in the past, who they recommend and so on.

A personal referral is one of the most valuable resources you can use for finding contractors of any kind, including electricians. Talk to fellow business owners, property managers or others in similar roles so you get some initial names that you can research further.

Keep in mind that you should always do your own investigating, no matter how much you trust the person giving you the recommendation. Once you have the name of a company, give them a call to confirm their skills and experience, as outlined in the section above.

Dallas Ft Worth Electrical Contractor

Expert Commercial Electric Contractors

If you're looking for professional, highly skilled commercial electricians in Dallas, Ft. Worth and surrounding areas, contact the experts at DFW Electrical Contractors.

We are a team of licensed electrical contractors with extensive experience providing commercial electrical work to local businesses, construction companies and many other customers throughout the region. 

Our customers know us as the “Electrical Specialists” because we take pride in doing the job right, every time – and we back it up with exceptional customer service and competitive rates.

No job is too large or too small for DFW Electrical Contractors. Call us today for a free estimate and let us help you with your electrical needs.

Get a free electrical estimate by calling (972) 200-3030.