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Important Tips for Hiring a Quality Certified Electrician

Certified Electrician | Two Master Electricians

Hiring a licensed and certified electrician is so important, no matter what type of electrical work you need.

Even if you are simply installing a new electrical outlet or a new lighting fixture, it's critical that you use a skilled electrical contractor that has received certification in the field.

Hiring someone who's not certified can be a huge mistake:

  • If the electrician has no certification, he or she may have no formal education or training in electrical work.

  • Without proper training, a contractor could make serious mistakes, putting your home and family at risk.

  • Bad electrical work can be a major fire hazard. Just one spark from improperly installed wiring or lighting can cause thousands of dollars in smoke and fire damage – and can risk the lives of those living in your home.

  • Insurance companies may not cover damages from electrical fires if it was caused by an uncertified electrician.

  • Worst case scenario: you could lose everything, simply because you tried to save a few bucks by hiring “just some guy” instead of a skilled professional.

Despite these risks, many homeowners and commercial businesses continue to use amateurs for electrical work. In some cases, it's an attempt to save money. Other times, it's because they think they can do the work themselves.

Don't make the same mistakes. By hiring a certified electrician   you can ensure that your electrical work is done right, from start to finish – no fire risks, no problems.

Certified Electrician | Complex Electrical Work

Finding the right electrician is very easy when you know what to look for. Use the information below to see how you can quickly narrow your options and find the right contractor for your needs.

What Is A Certified Clectrician?

People often assume that a certified electrician is the same as a licensed electrician, however there are differences between the two designations.

Here's what you need to know.

- Certification

In the State of Texas, electrical contractors must receive a certificate for completing continuing education in the field. This primarily covers education on the National Electric Code (NEC), and Texas laws governing electrical work and safety. (There are also a number of additional course options that electricians may choose to enroll in to improve their skills further.)

This continuing education certification is a requirement for all licensed electricians. Without a certificate of completed course work, a contractor cannot have a license.

In some cases, the term “certification” is also used in reference to the insurance that contractors must also have to receive their license. Specifically, contractors must show proof of an updated “Certificate of Liability Insurance” (COI).

- License

The license enables an electrician to legally provide electrical services in the state of Texas. So, in other words, a licensed electrician is also a certified electrician, because contractors must have a certificate of course completion to qualify for the license.

Why Use a Licensed & Certified Electrician?

Using a certified electrician isn't just smart – it's the law.

When a contractor is licensed and certified to perform electrical work, it means that they have:

  • Significant training and education on electrical installation and repairs

  • Hands-on experience under the supervision of other master electricians

  • Competent ability and skills that have been tested through an official electrician examination

  • Liability insurance to cover any possible damage or injuries that may occur on the job

  • Been approved by the state of Texas to perform electrical services

Certified Electrician | Working On Wall Socket

These are more than just state requirements. They are safeguards to ensure that electricians have the skills and knowledge to meet any electrical needs and that their work will be done properly, safely and completely up to code.

Tips for Choosing a Certified Electrician

Now that you understand the importance of always using a certified, licensed electrician, it's time to find one of the best in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

While the requirements for electrical licenses are the same for each contractor (depending on the type of electrician), it doesn't mean that every contractor has the same abilities or offers the same level of customer service.

To find the right contractor for your needs, you'll want to do a little bit of homework:

  • Speak to different electricians to compare their services, experience and rates.

  • Ask each contractor when they received their license and how long they've been in business.

  • Find out if the contractor can provide a list of references – previous customers who can vouch for the electrician's work.

  • Talk to friends, family or neighbors to get recommendations for good electricians they've used in the past.

Call the experts at DFW Electrical Contractors

DFW Electrical Contractors is a team of certified, licensed electricians serving Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Known as the “electrical specialists,” we offer superior electrical work for residential and commercial customers, backed by excellent customer service.

Our services include every aspect of electrical work, from basic repairs to complete rewiring and installation for new construction.

No job is too small or large for our expert electricians, and we pride ourselves on doing the job right, every time. Contact us today and see why so many Dallas & Fort Worth-area homeowners and businesses trust us for all their electrical needs.

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